first_imgThousands of people are expected to gather for a special open air mass at MacCumhaill Park in Ballybofey tomorrow.The mass, which is organised jointly by the parishes of Stranorlar, Glenfin and Sessiaghneill, takes place at 11am.The mass is being held in conjunction with the Eucharistic Congress. A spokesman for the organising committee has appealed to come to the mass early as traffic will be bust around MacCumhaill Park.Immediately after the mass there will be a vintage show in the nearby grounds of St Mary’s National School at 12 noon. THOUSANDS EXPECTED FOR OPEN AIR MASS AT MACCUMHAILL PARK was last modified: June 9th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:EUCHARISTIC CONGRESSMACCUMHAILL PARKmasslast_img read more

Picture Special: Spirits high despite plunging temperatures at Letterkenny Parkrun!

first_imgForty-five hardy souls and the volunteers turned out to take part in the Letterkenny Parkrun yesterday morning. Freezing temperatures accompanied by a chilly breeze made conditions difficult.As the sun rose – the course, with a minor adjustment, was deemed safe. Cathal Roarty Race Director, accompanied by other volunteers and some of the participants, ensured that the course was safe enough for the participants before the 5K kicked off.Gareth Mc Cullagh was first, Aaron Nepgen (Letterkenny Parkrunners) was second and an unknown female was third (it is important to register for Parkrun so that results can be recorded).Letterkenny Parkrun would like to give a special word of thanks to all who volunteered.Letterkenny Parkrun is a free to enter 5k for walkers, joggers, runners and is held every Saturday in St Conal’s Complex/Letterkenny Town Park at 9.30 am sharp. It is also free to register so what is holding you back? A friendly welcome awaits you.Pictures by Michael Bourke.Picture Special: Spirits high despite plunging temperatures at Letterkenny Parkrun! was last modified: November 26th, 2017 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:letterkenny parkrunpicture specialwinterlast_img read more

COSPLAY ACG Costume Women Wig Hair, really lovely wig

first_imgThe blue color is unconventional and wonderful, definitely terrific wig specially for the price tag.Cherished this so substantially i am obtaining one more just one. . Liked this wig all people assumed it was my serious hair the fro t lacing and parting have a scalp like search so it seriously does glimpse actual. Shame i lay down in in heybails at a featival the wig ended up as a one time wear and experienced to go in the bin. As long s you search after it be really don’t get far too trashed it truly is incredible i am likely to acquire yet another 1 for burning man.Will glimpse amazing with my sea unicorn outfit. The duration was workable far too i as apprehensive it was likely to be far too long. I did not imagine i’d accommodate a no fringe wig i have a side fringe but yes it appeared awesome.Key specs for COSPLAY ACG Costume Women Wig Hair,CoastaCloud High Quality Fashion Volume Wigs Hairpiece,Party Cosplay Curly Wavy Long Wig for Women Girl,30 Inch:Material:A-Class High-quality High-temperature synthetic fiber, which is silky and glamour as human hair.Comfort:100% breathable rose within the network make you feel comfortable when wearing it!Cleaning:This wig is easy to clean and care,could be washed in cold water 30 degrees.Design:Stylish design with natural looking and soft touch!Usage:Children’s Day Gift,Halloween and Christmas Parties or Gift, Cosplay, Costume, Fashion, Daily use and for fun.Comments from buyers“Loved this so much I’m buying another one., really lovely wig”last_img read more

Warm water works better in herbicide applications

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest A new Purdue Extension publication gives applicators of postemergence herbicides insights into the importance of mixing herbicides with water at optimum temperatures to make them most effective.Guidance offered in Water Temperature and Herbicide Performance is based on research by Purdue University weed scientists who studied the effectiveness of certain herbicides on several weed species when mixed with spray water at various temperatures. The researchers concluded that moderate to warm water — but not hot — was better than cold.“We give the guidelines of not using cold water in the early spring or late fall,” said Pratap Devkota, the lead researcher and graduate research assistant to weed scientist Bill Johnson. “Make sure you use moderate to warm water. The right water temperature is one of the components of herbicide application.”Farmers generally are not aware of that, Devkota said, because there has been little research on the topic.In a greenhouse study, herbicide was applied to weed species giant ragweed, marestail (horseweed), Palmer amaranth and pitted morningglory. Herbicides used were 2,4-D choline, glufosinate, mesotrione and glyphosate plus dicamba premix. Each herbicide solution was held for 24 hours and six hours before application. It also was applied immediately after mixing.The researchers found that performance was reduced on some weed species when the herbicides were mixed with water at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest temperature tested. They also discovered that performance was reduced at 133 degrees, the highest temperature tested. Performance was not reduced at 72 and 102 degrees, the middle temperatures tested.The study found that the herbicide mixtures held for up to 24 hours did not affect weed control in any of the tested herbicide products. The researchers cautioned, however, not to generalize the results for all herbicides. They noted previous research showing that some herbicide products from Group 2 (ALS inhibitors) can undergo hydrolysis when spray solutions remain in a tank for a certain period; likewise, herbicides in Group 1 (ACCase inhibitors) can break down when ultraviolet radiation infiltrates a tank.The researchers said applicators should consider that mixing certain herbicides with water warmer than 41 degrees may enhance — certainly not harm — early spring or late fall burndown applications.They also said the temperature of water stored in tanks above ground for more than one or two days should be monitored. “It is reasonable to expect that the air temperature can give you a rough estimate of the stored water’s temperature,” they wrote. “You can also use a thermometer.”The researchers said further research is needed to learn the exact reasons for the lower performance of herbicides mixed with cold water. They said, for instance, it is possible that low water temperature could affect how the herbicide dissolves, the spray droplet size or herbicide penetration into the target leaf.The publication can be downloaded free of charge through Purdue Extension’s The Education Store at There is a charge of $5.50 for a printed copy.last_img read more

Thrift Savings Plan Q&A

first_imgThrift Savings Plan Training and Liaison Specialist, Paula Gradwell, led an active discussion of the plan’s benefits during our web conference on the topic held Wednesday, July 25. To view resources from this session, as well as to view the  recording, click here.Due to the volume of questions from participants, we were unable to answer them all during the 90-minute session. Below, Ms. Gradwell addresses the questions that were not answered during the session.Q. Is there a reason why Soldiers are being told they have to withdraw their funds from TSP? A LTC told me he was told by a TSP Rep that he had to! I know he has more than $200 in the plan. A. To my knowledge no TSP representative has told anyone they must withdraw their TSP funds when they separate from active service if they have more than $200.00 in their account.  I have heard the same thing, and upon further conversation with the individual reporting the event, I find that TSP is NOT the source of this invalid information.  It is not required to withdraw TSP funds upon separating from the service if the TSP account has a balance of at least $200.00.  If you encounter instances when a TSP representative advises counter to the information in this blog, please leave your contact information in the comment section.  You will be contacted for further conversation. Q. Elementary question I’m sure:  can retirees participate in TSPA. As with any defined contribution plan (i.e. 401(k)), including TSP, participant may only contribute if they are in a basic pay status.  Retirees by definition are NOT in a pay status, even though they may be drawing some type of pay (annuity/pension, etc.)  If retiree has a TSP account of at least $200.00, it may remain in the TSP.  See next question and answer also. Q. Contributions to TSP – only basic pay, so can’t use bonus money or deployment entitlements or rollover from 401?A. Uniformed services participants may contribute from basic, special, bonus and incentive pays.  If member has previous 401(k) (or equivalent recognized by the Internal Revenue) then that type of plan is generally eligible to be transferred directly into the TSP. Q. Describe the glide path for the Lifecycle (L) fund. How much is in stock at the target date? A. The glide path, at the beginning, for each of these L funds is different.  The one out to 2050 has a much larger amount among the three equity funds (C, S, and I).  Please check the glide paths for all on our home page , for the individual L funds and the percentage in each of the funds in which they are currently invested.  The end of each of the funds’ glide paths is when it reaches the time-targeted year.  Therefore, when the Lifecyle Fund, 2020, reaches its target date, it will be 74% G, 6% F, 12% C, 3% S, 5% I funds.  Q. If TSP Roth funds by election get rolled into a standard Roth IRA then it is now subject to the Roth IRA rules (w/no RMD) and in effect will never have a RMD?? A. Please see TSP-775 (5/2012 is the current version as of this writing) that notes “your entire TSP account is subject to the required minimum distributions.” As noted on the above question:  If participant is in an RMD year, then there is specific Internal Revenue guidance that the TSP is required to meet.  Strongly suggest if a participant is at that point, then he/she should check Internal Revenue guidance at that time and seek professional guidance. Visit and key “required minimum distributions” into the search box for the TSP fact sheet referenced here. Q. Is this a one-time only decision? What if they wait until next year to open a Roth TSP?A. Roth contribution decisions can be made and changed each pay period.  There is no set time to begin, and it can be any year in the future.  Many are checking with their tax experts (and that may not be until tax filing time in the spring) to see if this fits their personal tax situation.  Any active duty participant eligible to contribute to the TSP can choose at any time (through myPay) to start, stop or change their contributions to be all traditional, all Roth or some combination of each. Keep in mind, the Roth TSP option is not yet available through payroll deduction for Army, Navy, and Air Force. Q. Can you change from a traditional to a Roth IRA – transfer money to a Roth?A. Roth IRAs are a private investment that is not a part of the Roth TSP option. Outside professional advice should be sought.  Q. With all the limits are the Roth TSP limits equivalent to the Roth Employer plans? Therefore a service member could save 22,000 in ”Roth” dollars between a Roth IRA and the Roth TSP?A. Once again, I cannot address the Roth IRA limit, because it comes with limits set by the Internal Revenue Code. For the Roth TSP, as an employer plan, all who are eligible to contribute to the TSP may contribute up to the elective deferral limit of $17,000 for 2012. This includes all contributions of tax-deferred, tax-exempt and Roth combined contributions (not each).  Online TSP Resources:TSP.govTSP Comparison MatrixTSP Fund Information SheetsResources on tax deferred plansTSP forms and regulationsThrift Savings Plan Q&A by Molly Herndon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.center_img Q. Just want to verify– once someone separates, they cannot continue to make contributions BUT they can leave their money in the TSP account and it can continue to grow?A. See question above for non-contribution rules after leaving active pay status.  Yes, the account may stay with the TSP, and the participant may continue to do interfund transfers (move their balance among the available funds), earn positive or negative returns (depending upon where they choose to have their money invested among the funds).  Mandatory withdrawals must only BEGIN to when the participant meets the TWO requirements of:  April 1st after they turn 70½ AND are separated from federal service. Q. Where I see the real benefit to Roth TSP is during deployment so that the tax-free money earned & placed into TSP, the earnings on that money will also come out tax free. A. When eligible to withdraw the Roth TSP contributions will be tax free.  The earnings must meet TWO Internal Revenue contributions to also be tax free:  the individual must meet at at least one of the criteria of being at least aged 59½, or disabled or deceased.  In addition, the account holder must have had the account for at least 5-years in order to take a tax-free withdrawal.  These rules apply whether or not the contributions were made in a designated CTZE.  Q. How does one make sure that Tax Exempt pay in combat zone is distributed to top-off $17,000 contribution limit on the Roth account with remainder of pay being directed toward the $33,000  Traditional account limit?A. Each member will have to monitor this when the Roth option becomes available.  This must be done via myPay. Q. Wish the entire DCO would have been strictly on Roth TSP, felt very rushed going over the Roth, which is the newer item of discussion.  Thanks for the briefing and information.A. Since the PFM area has new folks coming in on a regular basis, the basic TSP seems helpful as a review.  Many participants are still not comfortable about how to contribute (myPay) or what options are available to those who are active and what options are available upon separation from federal service. Q. Can you roll over savings deposit program (SDP) monies into a TSP Roth?A. If this is the uniformed services (DoD) savings deposit program, this is not able to be transferred/rolled into the TSP. If you are referring to the special savings program for federal civilians in the CSRS retirement system, the answer is also not able to be transferred/rolled into the TSP. If you are referring to something else, then Internal Revenue Service ( guidance would be where to look. Q. Since a Roth employer plan can be rolled over into a Roth IRA, then at that time would it then not be subject to RMDs?A. When eligible to withdraw and NOT in an RMD year, then Roth TSP contributions will be eligible to transfer into a Roth IRA.  Special rules apply for the RMD year portion that needs to be disbursed.  Professional guidance at that point may be warranted.  The TSP also has a special tax notice at that specifically addresses RMDs.  Key “required minimum distribution” into the search box on the website for fact sheets on this subject. Q. How will Roth contributions be invested? Will an individual get to choose?A. The Roth TSP option is not an investment decision, it is a tax decision.  All Roth after-tax contributions still go into the same TSP account you currently have.  How you have chosen to invest proportionally among the ten available funds, is the same for the Roth.  If you do a contribution allocation change (future contributions) or an interfund transfer (current account balance), whether  you have traditional (tax-deferred/tax-exempt) and/or Roth (after-tax) monies in your account, each will be proportional in the funds in which you choose to invest.  See IRS publication 590 for a discussion of Individual Retirement Arrangements, available at read more

5 Ways to Nail the Sci-Fi Look

first_imgScience Fiction is one of the most popular independent genres at the moment, but many filmmakers struggle to capture the right aesthetic on camera. Here are some tips for sending your audience to the outer limits.Top image: on the set of Ex Machina via DNA FilmsEvery genre calls for its own unique approach when it comes to lighting, camera settings, editing, and color correction — and sci-fi is certainly no exception. It’s hard to argue with the fact that sci-fi films often feature some of the most stylized footage of any genre, and as such, a lot of work needs to go into executing that perfect look.There is no one-size-fits-all approach to crafting the look of any genre (nor should there be), but these guidelines will help you start off in the right direction as you shoot and post your next sci-fi flick.1. Art Direction Is EverythingOn the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey via Los Angeles County Museum of ArtWhen it comes to science fiction, nothing can ruin a project more quickly than poor art direction. Sci-fi is all about creating a new world for your audience to immerse themselves in, and the art direction plays a massive part in delivering on that front.Assuming your project is properly budgeted, you’ll want to bring on a professional production designer early on in the process to help you shape the look of your film. Choices with regards to location, props, set dec, and other elements will play a vital role in whether or not the world of your film is believable, so having the right production designer on board will be immensely helpful in getting the best final result.If your budget is too limited to hire a dedicated Production Designer, consider rewriting the locations in your script to be more conducive to the scope of your project. Certain locations (such as a desolate town) will be much easier to set decorate (even without a production designer on board) than an urban environment, for instance.2. Utilize Simple VFXAnother Earth via Fox SearchlightMost sci-fi films call for some degree of VFX work, but unless you’re a VFX artist yourself, be very careful about how and where you choose to incorporate VFX in your film. Nine times out of ten, less is more when it comes to VFX on a budget — and there are many successful indie sci-fi films you can look to that prove that point.The independent film and Sundance hit Another Earth is a perfect example of this. The film for all intents and purposes was shot like a drama, even though it had a sci-fi backbone to the story. The filmmakers used an extremely simple VFX shot (involving tracking an image of Earth onto the sky) throughout the film in an incredibly powerful way. Had they attempted to do more elaborate VFX work throughout the film, they likely would have only cheapened their aesthetic. In the end, they benefitted tremendously from the less-is-more approach.3. Crank Up The Shutter SpeedEdge of Tomorrow via FandangoThere isn’t necessarily any formula for lighting a science fiction film, since the genre now includes countless sub-genres, all with their own unique look and style. With that said, one camera-related technique that does seem to work on many science fiction films involves higher than normal shutter speeds.The 180 degree rule states that your shutter speed should always be double that of your frame rate, so for a 24fps project, your shutter would be set to 1/48. In some genres (such as action) bumping up your shutter speed significantly higher can work really well, as it adds more intensity to the movement in your shots.Science fiction is another genre that can benefit immensely from higher shutter speeds — but you still need to be careful not to take things too far. Cranking your shutter speed past a certain point can leave you with odd looking, distracting footage. You don’t want your audience to notice the effect, but rather to just sense it unconsciously.4. Favor Cool Color TonesOblivion via Relativity MediaAt least 50% of the sci-fi look is created in post — more specifically, in the color suite. Once again, there isn’t a single approach that’s going to work for all sci-fi films, but there are some general principles that seem to work in the majority of films in this genre. One of which is the use of cooler tones.Many sci-fi films take place in unsettling environments, or in some cases, even dystopian societies. Warm color palettes are generally going to lead your audience to feel more comfortable, which can be counter intuitive to the genre in many respects. Cool blues, purples, and cyan tones will go a long way in creating an unsettling feeling for your viewers — and don’t forget to add a touch of desaturation too.5. Avoid Film EmulationInterstellar via Paramount PicturesI am normally a huge advocate of film emulation. In fact, I use some form of it on nearly every project I create. With that said, sci-fi films are one of the few instances where I feel film emulation can actually work against the better interests of the project.Science fiction often calls for a sterile and clinical look, and film emulation will typically push footage in the very opposite direction. In fact, film emulation is really all about muting colors, softening digital harshness, and generally taking the edge off of footage — which isn’t always the best choice for sci-fi. Many of the best sci-fi films have, in fact, even been shot digitally and taken advantage of the ultra clean, hyper sharp look that certain digital cinema cameras can deliver.For some inspiration, be sure to check out the trailer below for the above mentioned film, Another Earth:What defines the sci-fi look in your eyes? Which films in the genre inspire you most? Talk it out in the comments below!last_img read more

Protect Yourself at All Times

first_img Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Now Before a boxing match, the boxers are instructed to fight clean and to “protect yourself at all times.” The referee knows that, as much as he will try to keep anyone from getting seriously injured, the boxers have the responsibility for protecting themselves from incoming blows.This is good advice for non-boxers. Even though you may not have your person attacked, there is a never-ending stream of threats from which you must protect yourself.Negativity: There is so much negativity coming from so many sources that you must be vigilant and guard yourself against being infected. Some of the negativity comes from the people around you. More than a good bit of it comes from social media, a place where people spend a lot of time complaining and making sure that people know what they don’t like. And there is the media, especially the news. The more of this you take in, the more you risk a serious infection.Cynics: The cynics recruit like they’re building a cult. They are nihilists. They don’t believe anything has any meaning, and they make sure you know that they think everything is bunk. They will attack you personally and belittle you, preying on your desire to belong, and in doing so, pull you away from people doing meaningful work and drag you into the mire with them.Those who settle for mediocrity: There are some people who get comfortable too fast. They do just enough to get by, always dabbling, never going all in, and settling for what they get. They don’t know what their real potential is because they like comfort more than growth. They never reach their goals because they don’t have any. The risk for you here is that you will fall into the trap of preferring comfort, which feels like a warm bed when the alarm goes off; it’s difficult to resist the snooze button.Those who want you to remain you are now: There are some people who love and care about you and who are afraid of losing you. They don’t want you to grow for fear of you will outgrow them. They’ll say you have lost who you really are, that you don’t remember from where it was you came in the first place. These folks want you to succeed, but they become a drag when they begin to fear losing you. You have to protect yourself from lowering the standard you set for yourself to please others. Those who love you wouldn’t want less from you.Protect yourself at all times.last_img read more

Lindelof looking forward to welcoming fresh faces

first_imgVictor Lindelof is looking forward to welcoming both a fresh start and fresh faces to Manchester United during an important summer for the club.Having seen a 2018-19 campaign which promised much deliver very little, the Red Devils find themselves rebuilding once more.Daniel James has become the first signing of what is expected to be a busy transfer window, with Aaron Wan-Bissaka potentially the next new arrival in a £55 million ($70m) switch from Crystal Palace. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? United are moving quickly to get additions on board, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer eager to have as long as possible to work with big-money signings before the 2019-20 campaign gets underway.Lindelof says those already at Old Trafford will endeavour to make that process as painless as possible, with any injection of talent set to be embraced.The Swedish defender, who linked up with the Red Devils in 2017, told the club’s official website: “Pre-season is very important for the team.“New players come in and meet the group and I think it’s vital, especially this season, that we’re all together in the beginning and work through things we want to do and the things we want to improve, so yeah I would say pre-season is very important.“When I had just signed for the club, it was important for me to meet and bond with all the players and staff, see what what kind of personalities there are and see how the club worked. I really enjoyed it.”Pontus Jansson LeedsUnited are set to open their pre-season schedule with a game against Perth Glory on July 13, before then facing old adversaries Leeds four days later.Lindelof is excited by a meeting with the Whites that will see him going head-to-head with fellow countryman Pontus Jansson.He added: “I’ve never played against them but I’ve heard about the rivalry with Leeds of course.“Even if it is a pre-season game, I think it’s going to be a tough one.“I have a Swedish friend playing there so it’s also going to be fun. I’m looking forward to that game.”For now, though, Lindelof is focused on getting himself into the best possible shape for the challenges to come – both friendly and competitive.He said: “We are professionals so even when we’re on holiday we still have to train and keep the fitness levels up.“The most important thing in pre-season is to get minutes on the pitch, feel the rhythm of the game and work through the tactics, so that everyone knows exactly what we want to do.”United will kick off their Premier League season with a home date against Chelsea on August 11. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Colored Toilet Paper: The Latest Bathroom Trend We Can Get Behind

first_imgTouch of Modern, the members-only e-commerce site focused on selling lifestyle products for men, may have caught on to a trend nobody else was expecting.Colored toilet paper.That’s right, guys. It’s 2017 and amid the Unicorn Frappuccinos and hoverboards we’ve also got colored TP.Touch of Modern’s Renova Colored Toilet Paper ($19.99) is a vibrant punch to your bathroom décor… without breaking the bank on a framed picture or 100-threadcount towels. And let’s be honest, we’re all about great interior design staples that are easy to install.Offered in lime green, black, pumpkin orange, teal, and red, grab a roll that matches any color combo (our death metal senses are taking a strong hold and driving us toward the black). Come on, how badass is black toiler paper!Before you laugh off this design trend as a spoof, it’s worth taking note that Touch of Modern has already sold out most of its colors, including the Black + Blue mix and Red + Black mix.Yep, guys are actually using this stuff… and it might be because the triple-layer colorfast bath tissue feels damn lavish for your rear. (And no… the colors won’t run off on your body.)The Founder of Touch of Modern, Jerry Hum, built his $100 million company on far-out design instincts much like the idea of colored toilet paper.Hum tells The Manual that one of his top masculine trends for this spring and summer is unexpected pops of color in the bathroom.“The bathroom is usually the smallest room in someone’s home (especially for those in more urban spaces) so if you’re going to take a risk with color or have a little fun, it’s a pretty low-commitment location. For some, this means painting an accent wall or getting creative with linens. But there are other choices that are not quite as overt. Renova TP? It’s hard to find a more instantaneous conversation-starter (after zipping up, of course) and they come in pretty much every color you can dream up.”Touch of Modern also sells the bathroom accessory Illimibowl, which in essence turns your actual toilet seat into a discotheque via neon, motion-activated lights. If that’s your vibe; more power to you. We’ll stick with the Iron Maiden-inspired TP.Hum laughs and adds, “Don’t take everything so seriously – it’s just the bathroom.”And maybe that’s the lesson to be learned; that taking bold interior design chances should be fun and celebrate your living space, making it more inhabitable.Who knows, white toilet paper may be considered “old fashion” or “out of style” in a year, and you’ll be ahead of the curve. A Soaring Roof Defines This Paradise of an Arizona Desert Dwelling What to Wear on a Red-Eye Flight: Fashionably Comfortable Apparel for the Long Haul Editors’ Recommendations Dirtbag Style Guide: 5 Lessons That Apply to Everyone Tuxedo Tips: Your Guide to Nailing Black-Tie Attire This Little House in Washington Has Big Personalitylast_img read more

Cargotec Bags Orders for 60 MacGregor Cranes

first_imgzoom MacGregor, part of Cargotec, has won a run of orders for bulk versions of its cargo handling cranes from five Chinese shipyards.The cranes are destined for 15 bulk carriers for various owners. The orders were booked in the first quarter 2014 order intake and include:Two 37,500 dwt bulkers on order at Yangzhou Gouyo shipyard. The vessels will be used to carry logs as well as dry bulk cargoes and will each be equipped with four GLBE3026.2-2/2426.2gr variable frequency drive (VFD)-type marine cranes. The cranes are scheduled for delivery by the end of 2014.A repeat contract for two 63,000 dwt bulk carriers on order at the Dayang shipyard for Greek owner whose two new vessels will each be equipped with four GLB3629-2/28.829 electro-hydraulic type marine cranes. Deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2014.A Greek customer has ordered two 61,000 dwt bulkers from NACKS shipyard. The contract will see MacGregor deliver four electro-hydraulic-type GLB3528-2/2828gr marine cranes for each vessel by mid-2015.Five 61,000 dwt bulk ships under construction at the Natong Huatai shipyard for Hong Kong-based company. All vessels will be fitted with four electro-hydraulic-type GLB3026-2/2426gr marine cranes, which are scheduled for delivery from the end of 2014 until the beginning of 2016.Four 67,000 dwt bulk and log handling vessels being built at the Zheijiang Zhenge shipyard for Chinese owners. Each ship will be equipped with four GLBE3629-2/2829gr VFD marine cranes, planned for delivery starting end 2014.“Our cranes easily meet all the demands of the bulk handling sector, which is one of the most demanding marine environments,” Mikael Hägglund, Sales Manager, Cranes, says. “With all machinery well protected inside the housing, the cranes are well-prepared for this duty.”He adds: “Depending on an operator’s specific needs and capacity, we can supply a range of options from our well-proven electro-hydraulic version, to our highly-efficient low-energy new-generation VFD electric cranes. For tougher operations [hours per year] we can offer our four-wire K4 heavy-duty grab cranes.”Cargotec, April 8, 2014last_img read more