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D. also discussed industrial hemp local poverty and the race for the Republican presidential nominationThe spending bill was one of the central themes of the conversation and related to many government programs discussed during the senator’s visit The measure which represents $18 trillion in spending and tax breaks also features an end to a decades-old crude oil export ban With the ban lifted Hoeven argued that the US can wage a better fight against OPEC for market share create jobs and keep gasoline prices lower"It’s important for North Dakota but important for our country in particular in terms of building the right kind of energy plan for the future meaning producing more energy than we consume also working with allies so they have sources like the US rather than depending on Russia and OPEC"When asked about restrictions on carbon emissions Hoeven argued against "setting up barriers to investment" instead favoring "investment in energy development" instead"Part of the reason CO2 emissions in this nation are lower now than they were five years ago is because with things like directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing we’ve produced far more natural gas at a lower price" he saidThe measure also provides about $690 million in funding for the Army Corps of Engineers beyond the group’s proposed budget and funds flood protection including projects in Minot and Fargo"We were just commenting on what a great downtown you have here and you wouldn’t have it without that permanent flood protection" Hoeven saidHoeven also discussed the legislative process that produced the spending measure lamenting that the Senate didn’t get the opportunity to vote on multiple smaller spending bills The single omnibus measure he said gave Democrats the ability to present Republicans with a take-it-or-leave it bill that unless acted upon would have resulted in a government shutdownUsing the system of individual spending bills Hoeven argued would give Republicans more of a chance to cut ‘the regulatory burden" written into US policy"This administration is a big-government more-taxing more-spending more-regulation administration" he said "And that’s why we’re going to try and get an administration that shares our views of more limited government tax reform control of spending reduced regulation for economic growth and strong military" Presidential raceHoeven declined to make an endorsement for the race when asked whom North Dakota voters should support suggesting that any comment on the race at this point would be inappropriate interference in the nomination process"I think we have to be very attuned to an open transparent process where people have a comfort level that everybody gets a chance and everybody gets to express their opinion and Republicans get to decide" he said "There’s no party bosses or quote insiders driving this dynamic that I think hurts and is counterproductive to getting the result that we want"Hoeven added his hopes that a Republican victory would mirror the reduced government and regulation he said the Reagan era ushered in after the Carter administration"I am concerned that if it’s Secretary Clinton (in the White House) then you’ll see an approach much like what we had" Hoeven saidPresident Trump has signed an executive order giving police equipment which includes rifles and armored trucks But the Grand Forks Police Department says they’re interested in military-grade items like helmets and flashlights for their officers The Grand Forks County Sheriff hopes to incorporate armored trucks similar to the ones they used for tactical operations before the Obama Administration rolled back the programBob Rost Grand Forks County Sheriff says “It’ll make our job a little bit easier because the people we’re dealing with have better equipment than what we have And it was hampering our efforts to do our job when we had to turn that equipment in”More than fifteen-hundred pieces of equipment were distributed as part of the previous program in North Dakota Besides government funding,Thankfully, meaning that five firefighters had to spend an hour setting him free. young married folks with young children saying,Jones said the proposal is modeled after how speeding tickets are issued in North Dakota and could reduce some of the cases that need to go through the court system.Brown called Opstad a great visionary whose legacy reached around the world. rather than fully automatic.

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– you had to call him by name – and then he exits. ? Mund also spoke to her dedication to empowering women,D. whom she had previously worked for in WashingtonFor Mund—who drew a round of applause from the audience when sharing her aspirations to be North Dakota’s first female governor—the event was an opportunity to meet political idols in person It was also a reminder of gender imbalance in Congress"When I got up to the gallery and was looking over it was really difficult to figure out the number of women and I had a really hard time just finding a woman on the floor" she said citing the current Senate female demographic as only 23 percent of the whole "The issues that are facing our society right now are issues that affect both genders and we do make up half the population so why don’t we have more women in those leadership positions"Mund said the lack of equal representation even manifests itself in the physical space of the Capitol building When she sought a restroom she had a tough time finding one—the reason for that being that women’s rooms were a late addition to the Capitol with facilities only added off the House side in 2011 For someone with political ambitions winning the Miss America pageant isn’t a bad place to start The role has its similarities to a political campaign complete with all the requisite hand-shaking and photo opps There’s also the constant change of scenery Mund said she’s been travelling 20000 miles a month changing locations nearly every 48 hours for public appearances and other eventsStill despite the potential grind of a role that packs its entire being into a yearlong spell Mund described the position as the "job of a lifetime""You get to give back to communities you get to empower women and you get to show everybody what it means to be a North Dakotan" she saidThe Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest including the Dakotas Minnesota and Wisconsin In addition to breaking and enterprise news we offer a wide variety of sports features business agriculture outdoors and opinion content For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions please contact us"1937: Rathskeller’s German sayings again painted overThe Historical Society has never found a reason why they were covered again, Supreme Court building and U. like Minnesota,Donald Trump suggested the United States should ban all Muslims from entering the country, Getty)WASHINGTON — Describing President Trump’s recent behavior as “completely bizarre and deranged, Jamie Raskin.

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