Nepal UN welcomes release of three detained under public security law

8 July 2008The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Nepal has welcomed the release of three people who had been detained under the country’s Public Security Act (PSA). The three people, two of whom are Nepali citizens, were accused of carrying out “acts that affect security, peace and order by chanting anti-China slogans in different public places in the capital,” in connection with protests against alleged human rights violations in Tibet.Last month, High Commissioner Louise Arbour sent a letter to the South Asian nation’s Government in which she expressed her concerns about the use of the PSA, which was used often by authorities before April 2006 to arbitrarily arrest and detain protestors.In a press release issued today, OHCHR voiced its apprehension about the “breadth of the prevention regime in the PSA and again urges the Government to either significantly amend the Act or to repeal it.”The Office stressed that preventive detention should only be utilized “where necessary,” and even then only when supplemented by the appropriate safeguards, such as access to courts.“It is also vital that the powers under the PSA not be used to suppress legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly or for political reasons.” read more

SuarezNoa murder trial to resume on Monday

Haiden Suarez Noa confessed to killing his girlfriend in March, 2013. A Hamilton jury saw and heard what he told police the day after 36-year-old Tania Cowell was killed in her Stoney Creek apartment. 38-year-old Haiden Suarez Noa sat hunched over, rubbing his face in his hands many times as that confession video played. He described to a Hamilton detective basically what happened the night Tania Cowell was stabbed to death, but not why. On March 9, 2013, Tania Cowell was at home with their then five-month old son. The couple had been arguing over text message since the previous day. Cowell wanted Suarez Noa to do more housework, but she eventually allowed him to come home. He had been in Guelph, working and then eating with friends. He arrived at the apartment around 8:00 pm. A few hours later, the couple fought, and Cowell was attacked. Suarez Noa wouldn’t tell detectives why he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Cowell eleven times in the face, chest and back. We heard audio in a second police interview in which Suarez Noa complained of Cowell’s nagging. The crown has now rested her case and the judge confirmed with Haiden Suarez Noa’s lawyers that they will take the weekend to decide whether to present a defense case. The defense doesn’t have to present any evidence, but it could, for example, put Haiden Suarez Noa on the stand. The case resumes Monday November 16. read more